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Surf Courses in Algarve

Surf School SagresThe surf school is Sagres is a member of the Portuguese Surfing Federation and has been operating since 2003. The surf school offers courses for all levels of surf. From absolute beginners to those who surferd before but want to improve your their surfing skillsand advanced surfaris for more experienced surfers.!

Each day participants are divided into groups (no more than 8 students per instructor) according to their surf level. English, Spanish, Portuguese and German spoken.

Surf School SagresWe love teaching surf! Surf lessons begin on the sand with the warm up and introduction to surf techniques and safety measures. Shortly after, it's time to get in the water! If you never surfed before, don't worry, you will start in waist depth, riding white water. You will learn standing technique's, how to turn and finally paddling outside and learning how to catch your first 'green' (unbroken) waves, usually after 3 to 5 days of surf lessons.

The typical surf day includes a morning session followed by lunch break and the afternoon surf session. There is also time to chill out and enjoy the very best beaches in Algarve! Surf lessons include all the necessary surf equipment - surfboard, wetsuit, leash and rash vest.

You can start your surf course any day of the week and book as many days as you want
Come and join us for some surf, fun & tan...!

1 Day Surf School Sagres includes:
Beginners & Intermediate

  • 3 hours of surf lessons (2 sessions x 1,5h/session)
  • Transportation between Sagres and the best surf spots
  • All surf equipment during classes
  • Low student/instructor ratio - maximum 8 students/instructor
  • Sports insurance during classes
  • Surf instructors
  • Lots of surf, fun & tan!

If you're interested in surf course + accommodation, check out the surf camp page.

Sagres Surf School Courses

Beginner Surf Courses
Level 1

Beginner Surf class Sagres

Join the group and have a fun time at the beach learning how to surf in Algarve with other beginners!

You will notice daily progress and share the fun with your fellow surfers in a truly friendly and chilled out environment.
The surf programme includes information about safety measures, sea cycle, tides, currents, rips, weather, bottoms, etc., all the requisites for your near future free surf! This complete surf instruction and the surf instructors guarantee that you’ll be surfing in 5 days!

Improver Surf Courses
Level 2

Imtermediate Surf classes Sagres

If you have done a beginners' surf course already, or you surf but not regularly and want to improve your skills, this is the level for you! You will see results!

We will help you perfect your style and work on all the "bad habits" acquired through out your free surfing days. You'll learn how to duck dive correctly, manoeuvre correctly, the bottom turn, cut back... and a lot more. This courses take place at the same beaches and schedules as level 1 courses. It's the best way to improve and you will rapidly improve and develop your surf skills.

Experienced Surfers
Surfing Surfaris

Surf trips algarve Portugal

If you are already an experienced surfer, jump in the van and let us take you to the beach.

This option is for experienced surfers only and subject to availability.
Portugal and Algarve are famous for year round surf and there are waves to suit all levels of surf.
Bigger swells hit the coast during the winter months (October to May), creating amazing surf conditions but, as mentioned before, there is surf all year round!
Beach transfers don't include equipment nor lessons.