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Surf Courses in Peniche

For the perfect surfing holiday come to the surf camp in Areia Branca (Peniche).
Perfect location, central accommodation, good waves, professional surf tuition, all in a chilled environment... An experience you'll never forget! After 5 days of surf course we guarantee that you WILL be surfing!!!

Surf School Areia Branca
Learn to Surf in Portugal!

The surf school in Peniche was founded in 1999, having taught many students of all ages and nationalities ever since.
The team of instructors is highly qualified with many years of surf, certified by several Surfing Associations and as life guards. English and Portuguese spoken.

From absolute beginners to those that have been trough the first steps and just wish to improve their style or simply surf in absolute safety and in the the company of a great group.

You can take a surf course (1 day or more) or come and stay with us in our surfcamp and have a lot of fun!

Peniche Surf School
Lots of fun and surf in Areia Branca

Surf lessons usually take place at Areia Branca beach but the surf school is mobile, searching daily for the best surf conditions and waves according to students surfing level. Safety is always our main concern.
A chance to visit some famous surf spots, such as: Super tubos, Baleal, Baia, Areia Branca… all depending on weather/surf conditions and your level of surf.
We offer personalized courses for all surf levels and organize Surfaris (surf guiding) for Advanced surfers.

1 Day Surf School in Areia Branca includes:

  • 4 hours/day of surf school and training (2 x 2h sessions)
  • Transportation to the beach when necessary
  • All surf equipment
  • Certified surf instructors
  • Sports insurance during class
  • Yoga classes (Extra - Optional)
  • Massages (Extra - Optional)
  • Lots of surf, fun & tan!
  • Wipe outs!

Surf School Certifications

Surf camp

The Surf School in Areia Branca is certified by the Portuguese Surfing Federation and has a Active and Sportive Tourism Licence number 21/2008 that guarantees quality services and reliable insurances for all services.
Instructors responsible for the lessons and the safety of our students are qualified to do so by the following organisations:
- Portuguese Surfing Federation
- European Surfing Federation
- Australian Surfriders Association
- Instituto de Socorros a Náufragos (Portuguese Lifeguard Association)

Surf School Equipment

Surf camp

Your improvement depends essential on good surfing tuition, proper natural conditions and proper equipment.
Years of experience help us increasing our equipment standards and being precise on the surfboards selection according with your needs.
The school's equipment is up to date and special for teaching this wonderful sport.
Our surf board quiver, comprehends all sizes and shapes and different materials like fibre, polyester, epoxy and soft foam.
We have a wide variety of wetsuits of all sizes for mans, women's, transsexuals, thin, fat, beer belly, etc… ,o)))

Beginner Surf Courses | Level 1

Beginner Surf Course

The surf school's certified surf instructors guarantee that in 20 hours you’ll be surfing.
You will learn all the safety measures necessary to the practice safely this wonderful sport, the sea cycle, tides, currents, rips, weather, bottoms, etc., all the requisites for your near future free surf...
All this in maximum safety.
Surf instructors are also certified beach lifeguards.
Here everybody is a beginner... Ready to learn how to catch waves and surf!

Beginner Surf Course Program

  • Basic knowledge of surfing equipment and local spots
  • Recognition of the beaches and currents
  • Shape, size and direction of the wave, and approaches
  • Safety rules
  • Paddling techniques
  • Sitting on and turning the board
  • The "duck-dive" or "eskimo-roll" (diving through the waves with the board)
  • Getting to your feet – standing up
  • Priority rules

Improver Surf Courses | Level 2

Improver Surf Courses

If you already did a level 1 surf course, you surf but not regularly and want to improve your skills or simply want to surf in a very good and safe atmosphere without having to carry your own gear or look for suitable waves, this is the level for you!
Certified surf instructors
will evaluate your skills and supervise your training, advising or correcting whatever is necessary to improve your surf. You’ll rapidly improve and develop your surf learning new tricks.
The best way to improve your surf... You will see results!

Intermediate Surf Course Program

  • Take-off on unbroken waves
  • Correct position on the line up to catch unbroken waves
  • Surf the green waves – bottom turn
  • Front-side and back-side surfing
  • Trimming, bottom turn and top turn
  • Advanced manoeuvres

Surfaris | Level 3

Intermediate Surf Clinic

Come surf the best waves for the day in the Peniche area! Expert guides will take you to the best waves of the day. They will tell you all about the spots: how to get in and out, the currents, type of wave, etc. and join you surfing, helping you to choose the waves appropriate for you to improve your skills.
The surfaris are for advanced experienced surfers… If you think you are ready to surf in the best spots including shallow reef breaks… this is the level for you…
Please contact us for prices and more information.