Yoga and Outdoor activities in Lagos Algarve

Plenty to do and See in Lagos!

After a great day surfing, afternoons can be spent by at the beach or enjoying a variety of indoor and outdoor activities in various places. Besides yoga & Massages, Lagos and the Algarve in general offer many different outdoor and nature related activities such as fishing, snorkelling, diving, kitesurfing, mountain biking, horse riding and much more. You can organize locally any of the many activities bellow:

Yoga lessons in Lagos


Sharpen your body and mind with an after surf yoga session! Yoga will help you to develop your coordination and stability, as well as managing stress and anxiety.

SUP Algarve


Come navigate the warm waters of the Algarve! Discover beautiful grottos in a whole different way and try another water sport. Join a small group of SUP explorers and paddle away!

Surf sport massages in Lagos


What could be better than a relaxing massage after a surf day?
Relax and decompress under specialist hands with a special sport massage!

Kayaking Lagos


If you like Kayaking you don't want to miss out on the experience to enter unique grottos that can only be accessed from the sea. Take a snorkel mask to make it an even more unforgettable day!

Kitesurfing School Lagos Algarve


Want to learn how to kitesurf in Algarve? Join the kitesurf summer courses in Lagos. Available for beginners, intermediate and advanced kite surfers.

Mountain Bike Algarve

Mountain Bike

Rent a bike or schedule a guided tour and explore Algarve! There are many miles of uncrowded treks with beautiful views to be explored with bikes tours for all levels!

Lagos Grottos

Natural Caves

Step into a small fishing boat and witness the magnificent cliffs and natural intriguing rock formations and amazing caves in Lagos!
A memorable day out in nature!

Diving in Algarve

Snorkelling and Diving

The clear waters in Algarve are ideal for diving! Lagos has diving schools but if you already have a diving licence then you can enjoy exploring the underwater reefs, caves and marine life!

Climbing Algarve Cliffs


Algarve is the perfect scenery for many outdoor activities, including some radical ones!
Climbing the cliffs is definitely a different way to explore the coast!

Eco karting Portugal

Eco kart or Landsailing

Eco karting is great fun for all ages and the track is only 20 minutes drive from Lagos. All the gear is provided and full training given. There are single and twin karts available!

Windsurfing Lagos Portugal


The Algarve offers great windsurf conditions on the south coast around Lagos and Sagres, with flat water conditions perfect for speed and freestyle windsurfing!

Sailing Lagos Algarve


The waters around Lagos are perfect for sailing and there are lots of companies at Lagos Marina that offer sailing courses and trips along the coastline, including BBQ and sunset cruises.