Learn how to kitesurf in the Algarve

Kitesurfing Courses in Algarve

Kitesurf school Algarve Portugal The kite surf school in Lagos, Algarve, is open every day from 01/June to 31/August.

All instructors are certified by the British Kiteboarding Organization (BKSA) and we offer a low 4:1 student-to-teacher ratio with all the necessary material included - kites, harness, helmet, wetsuit, board etc. Depending on ability, normally you will share a kite with maximum one other student. Kite courses are available for all levels and you can book in time slots for 3, 6, 9, 12 & 15 hours lessons.

Kitesurf school Algarve PortugalLessons usually take place in the afternoon as this is when the conditions are best for kitesurfing.
You'll be picked up at a designated spot in Lagos and taken to the camp base to sort out all your gear and wetsuit. From there, a short drive is all it takes to get to Alvor lagoon where kitesurf lessons are held.

Instructors work with guaranteed small groups and a support boat, so you can progress and spend as much time in the water as possible. The kite surf school in Lagos is one of the only in the area that teaches on all tides, so there is no waiting around for the tide to drop, all you need is the right wind conditions and you'll be flying in no time!

From a baptism to this fantastic sport, to complete courses for absolute beginners, improvement courses for those who have done a course before but want to improve their style and manoeuvres, as well as advanced courses so you start to fly!

1 day kitesurf course includes:

  • Transfers between Lagos and the kite spot
  • 3 hours of kite surf lessons *
  • All kitesurf equipment included during classes
  • Certified instructor
  • Rescue/support boat
  • Insurance during classes (civil liability)
  • Lots of kitesurf, sun & fun!

* We aim to complete 3 hours per day, but total class time can vary according to conditions.

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Kite Learning Program

Participants are divided into different groups according to their level and the instructors work in small groups of students, teaching not only the basics but also advanced levels of kitesurfing and focus on individual correction and supervision. Course achievement depends on students learning curve!

During a beginner Kiteboarding course you can expect to learn the following:

Kitesurf school Algarve Portugal

3 hours course

  • Location and conditions
  • Equipment and terminology
  • Kite setup
  • Launching and landing the kite
  • Body dragging
Kitesurf school Algarve Portugal

6 hours course

  • All included in the 3h course
  • Body dragging upwind
  • Board recovery
  • Water relaunch and self rescue
  • Launching and landing the kite
  • Water starts
  • First runs
Kitesurf school Algarve Portugal

9 hours course

  • All included in the 6h course
  • Riding and staying upwind
  • Change direction (turning)
Kitesurf school Algarve Portugal

12 hours course

  • All included in the 9h course
  • Learning some jumps
  • Toe side riding
  • Carving turns
  • Correct bad habits
Course achievement depends on students learning curve!