Learn how to surf in El Salvador

Would you like to learn or improve your surf

You can stay at one of our Surf Camp Hotels, come and meet us at the surf school, or we will pick you up from your Hotel/Apartment in the morning and drive you back once surf classes are over

Most daily lessons take place at the beach right in front of our hotel but the surf school is mobile, meaning classes are always held in beaches that offer better and safer conditions to learn how to surf. Surf spots such as Sunzal Beach, La Paz and San Blas, all closely located to the AST surf resort in El Salvador.

You can book surf lessons all year long. The best months for less experienced surfers are November to February offering clean conditions, sunny skies and smaller surf so it is less intimidating. During "pro" surf season (April to October) surf is bigger but there are always several safe beaches we can take beginners so we offer surf lessons and surf schools throughout the year.

1 Day Surf School in El Salvador includes:

  • Transportation from/to Hotel (La Libertad area minimum 2 people)*
  • Surf lessons (3h/day)
  • Transportation to the surf spots in 4x4 surf vehicles (wherever conditions are best for the day)
  • All surf equipment included (surf board, leash and wax)
  • Bilingual Surf instructor (Spanish and English)
  • Drinking water and one natural drink after surf lessons when lessons are imparted in La Libertad
  • Lots of surf, fun & tan!

* Please confirm if your hotel is within our pickup area. Pick up in other areas such as San Salvador is available for an extra fee.
Check our All Inclusive surf camp holidays (Airport transfers + Accommodation + Surf Course)

Surf School El Salvador

Surf School in El Salvador Surf school is open everyday! You can start the surf course any day of the week and take as many days surf classes as you wish, in group, private or semi-private.

In case you are not staying with us, pick up from your hotel to the beach is included in La Libertad area for a minimum of 2 people. Please confirm if your hotel is within our pickup area. Pick up in other areas such as San Salvador is available for an extra fee

We have 2 surf schools in El Salvador's coast line, located at:

LA LIBERTAD (West coast)

La Libertad surf school is open all year round but the best months for beginners are during the dry season - November through March.
These are the months of the year that El Salvador coast line takes the smallest swells (2-5 ft) making it perfect for beginners or intermediate surfers who want improve their surfing skills.

LAS FLORES (East coast)

Las Flores surf school is open all year round and the perfect spot for beginners since all beaches are much more sheltered than in the West Coast.
The perfect setting for beginners or intermediate surfers who want improve their surfing skills all year long.

We also offer full surf camp packages including accommodation, surf tuition and airport transfers in both locations.

Course Levels

Beginner Surf Courses - Level 1

Beginner Surf CourseReady to learn how to catch waves and surf?
Here is no place to be ashamed! You will share with everybody your daily progress surfing in a very friendly, safe and fun environment.

You will learn all the necessary safety measures, surf techniques and requisites needed to begin your journey as a free rider.
Our surf instructors are all local surfers with many years of experience teaching surf to all ages and levels. We are sure you'll love it and come back for more!

Improver Surf Courses - Level 2

Improver Surf Courses If have the basics and want to progress, or you surf but not regularly and want to improve your skills, or simply just want to surf in a very good and safe atmosphere without any hassle this is the level for you!

Our team of instructors (all experienced local surfers) will evaluate your skills and supervise your training, advising or correcting whatever is necessary to improve your surf.

You’ll rapidly improve and develop your surf learning new tricks… All this in maximum safety!

Intermediate Surf Clinic - Level 3

Intermediate Surf Clinic The intermediate level is for those who are independent surfers but want to continue to progress to advanced manouvers, experience surfing reef spots, learn new manoeuvres and keep improving their style and skills.

Besides having an experienced surfer to help you out, it's also a great way to surf a new spot everyday, without having to carry your own material or look for suitable waves - we'll drive you to the best waves of the day every day!

There are many amazing surf spots to explore, come find your favourite wave in El Salvador!