Client reviews and testimonials

My Surfing Holiday in Brazil...

Good, Awesome place, great people, very good food! A little paradise!

Stefi, Switzerland

It was an amazing week,I had a lot of fun and the whole place was run with love and care!! I'd definitely recommend it!!

Sally, UK

We had a great time and it was beyond what we expected. Great place with good lessons and equipment. The atmosphere was beautiful. The food was fantastic. We enjoyed ourselves very much. Thank you!

Kelsey, USA

Special thanks to Nico! Had a great time!

Lieke and Paolo, Netherlands

The Bahia surf camp is an amazing destination.
We stayed there 5 days, and we really improved our surfing thanks to the instructors explanations.
Beto and his staff are really professional, and super friendly.
We'll love to come back!!!

Emeric & Marscha, France and Netherlands

Location and accomodation was perfect. The guys were great and instruction tailored to my level. Things run on wave and weather time but that fits in with the relaxed atmopshere of the place. This is a little slice of heaven, don't come here to party, this is one of the most relaxed and chilled places I have ever stayed at.  Perfect. The surf camp is one of the most beautiful and chilled out surf camps you are likley to find anywhere.  If you want to get away from it all and just enjoy some surf, the ocean and great food this is the place to go.

Deborah from Ireland

I had a great time!
Beto is a very good instructor - he improved my surfing a lot.
The food was excellent and always served with a variety of fresh juices!!!
Thanks and hope to see ya soon.

F. from Switzerland

Beto is a pro surfer with his own style of teaching. It is really very good and most students learn a lot but the way he teaches is not really obvious. Excellent!
The camp is more like a family than a hotel and the longer you stay the more you appreciate it. Beto works really, really hard for everybody.
The camp runs on brazilian time and to brazilian principles so information is shared through the word of mouth principle and surf times are determined according to the daily weather and conditions.
I really recommend this place for any surfer.

Thomas from Sweden

Great surf instructors, amazing location and great food. I will definitely be returning and I would highly recommend this Surf Camp

Chris from England

Surf camp in Bahia was absolutely and utterly wonderful. Incredible location: safe and beautiful. Food was amazing, it felt like my Italian mum was cooking for me some new Brazilian recipes. Cool surfers and perfect schedule every day: time to surf, time to chill, time to have loads of fun. Definitely wanna go back again.
Thanks for advising me to go there!!

Francesca from Amsterdam

I went to Bahia Surf Camp in the (Brazilian) winter and it worked great for me. The weather was all right anyway (occasional rain but so warm!), waves bigger than I can manage at the moment anyway and because it was out of season I got a lot of attention (often one on one) and could improve a lot (if only was fitter ;)). House faces the beach, you can only imagine the view, food is delicious and plenty, don't even dream you will loose any weight there (you must be able to tell by now a girl is writing this ;) Recommend!

Iwona from Poland (living in UK)

I came to Bahia Surf Camp for 2 weeks and ended up staying for 4! I was a beginner when I arrived (although I snowboard and used to boogey board a lot) and couldn't believe I was surfing a reef break with 2-3 meter waves only one month later. Beto kept giving me pointers that improved my surfing one step at a time. We surfed several surf spots and had several good swells. The spot in front of the surf camp is usually pretty good and sometimes incredible, the locals are cool, and even the shore breaks can be surfed when the tide comes up. I met lots of incredible people and still keep in touch with many of them. Also the staff is great and the food a delight. Tip: for the price and risk of flying with your own board, think of ordering a custom board from Beto 10 days before you come... I intend to go back.

Alon R. from Paris, France

The bahia surfcamp was the best place to spend my surfholidays. The emptiest beach I've ever seen, with perfect waves right in front of the camp. And if not we jumped into Beto's car and checked out some other surfspots around Salvador. Every morning after waking up, the first thing to do was watching how the swell was going. The atmosphere was just great, very nice people and a very experienced teacher with Beto, who manages the camp. And I don't have to mention the food. It was even better than in my own mothers kitchen. So if you wanna make a surftrip where you don't have to worry about nothing but the next wave the bahia surfcamp is the right place to go.

Vitali R. from Germany

My two weeks stay in Bahia Surf Camp was a great experience. The camp offered all I needed for a relaxed holiday: clean accomodations right at the beach, delicious food, friendly staff always ready to help, surfable waves, endless beaches, warm climate, relaxed atmosphere. The most important thing for me was to improve my surfing skills and thanks to the qualified surf teachers I could reach my goals. The teachers took us to different surf spots in Bahia where we could find good conditions suitable for our surf level. I will always remember the great time I had in Busca Vida and the wonderful people I met there. Muito obrigada por tudo.

Sonja P. from Switzerland

That trip was so nice!!! Thank you for this wonderful holidays, best of my life ... I want to come back so see you in 2009!!! Muito obrigado Beto. Say hello to your little team. OBRIGADO BRASIL!!!

Arnaud G. from France

Nearly one year ago i have been in brazil to the Bahia surfcamp to learn surfing and have a lot of fun, only for two weeks!! but i spend such a great time there!! it is a very nice, gorgeous place with nice beaches and amazing waves to surf!! i learned so easy to surf, because I enjoyed this sport and i've had a perfect surf coaching :-)!!! also the houses are perfect to live, nice to relaxe and i don't may forget, there were 3 friendly women, they cooked for us, cleaned the rooms and looked that every thing were ok for us!! thanks again for the jami meals :-)!!! If you wanna make party, you can go to Salvador where is near by ,there is party enough :-)!!!!! beto i will come back to the surfcamp, as soon as possible!!i wish everyone nice holiday and good waves, who wanna go to brazil!!!!! big greez

Madlaina from Switzerland

The surfcamp in Bahia gives u the chance to improve surfing in a perfect surrounding with people who love and live surfing! ... warm water, nice waves, nice people, good food and beautiful place ...

Hegglin from Switzerland

Monique and I would like to thank you very much for the great time in your camp. Everything was really fine. It was the best place for our honeymoon - thank you and your crew for all. Please send some nice greetings for everybody. I'm sure we will come back in future and join Busca-Vida!!!
Thanx for a perfect time!!!!!!!!!!!

Oliver K. from Germany

The pictures of Brazil and the people we met there are still twisting and turning in my head. Man, thank you so much for the video!! It is such a cool memory and Ralph and I must have watched it about 100 times now. We had a fantastic time in your camp and I (as well as Ralphinho) just want to say thanks for giving us a new home and teach how to surf. We will come back again, that's for sure ;-)

Mark U. from Germany

I totally agree with Mark. It was an absolutely great time in Bahia and I will definitely come back. For some short board lessons :-) Now I wanna go for the big waves ...
I will also start to learn Portuguese. There are so many cool people in Brasil that I really wanna talk to. And the girls might like a swiss guy who can speak their language :-)
Tomorrow I have to go back to work. Sitting in front of a computer the whole day without surfing. I'm not sure If I can handle that :-) I'm still thinking too much about the Surf Camp.
By the way, I will also recommend your camp to all my friends in Switzerland.
I'm pretty sure that I will come back to Brasil next year. And definitely back to the Bahia Surf Camp. So, I hope to see you soon again. Next time, we will win at football... :-)

Ralph S. from Switzerland